Friday, 4 April 2014

Saving a couple bucks!

When I was on maturity leave with my first child I was part of a couponing group! We traded coupons and shared deals for local retailers.

It's not always about just using coupons to save money, you stack your coupon with the lowest sale price of item to save the most money! In this time I've been able to stock pile Shampoos, deodorants, razors, pasta, pasta sauce, frozen foods, crackers, toilet paper, Kleenex and paper towel!

Now that the technology age is here there is two apps for the iPhone and android phones that allow you to upload you receipt and save on special items for that week.

Checkout 51 and Snap Saves. Once you accumulate $20 on your account you can request a cheque mailed to your address. Seems to good to be true right? I have saved over $100 using checkout 51, and $19.50 using snap saves (just became a member this year). By using these apps you are still allowed to use printed coupons in store which means CANADIANS can stack coupons!! Woohoo!

Checkout 51 uploads new offers every Thursday and snap saves uploads offers over the weekend.

Another website that I use to help me save money is Many users all across Canada upload flyers early, share deals and of course trade coupons!

Become a member of all three to help save money!